Saturday, July 3, 2010

Easy Summer Dresses

After having 4 sons, I am having a ton of fun dressing my daughter. I don't really like anything too frilly but I do love just nice, simple dresses for her. Sometimes that is hard to find! Seems like everything for girls is covered in glitter and licensed characters! Totally not my style!! I have seen these dresses made before and I thought I might wing it and give it a try on my own. I didn't use a pattern or follow any instructions so bare with me as I try to write down exactly what I did! For about $8, Elliot now has 2 new dresses!

*For each dress you will need a onsie , 1/2 yard of fabric, and some elastic.

*Cut the onsie off about an inch or so below where the arm holes are.

*Cut fabric so it is 2 times the length of the circumference of the onsie.

*Cut a piece of elastic that is the length of the circumference of the onsie.

*When you are read to sew, this is what you should have:

*Sew a hem down one of the long sides of the fabric.

*One the other side we are going to sew a hem and sew the elastic on at the same time.

*Fold the hem over and place the elastic on top of it.

*As you are sewing, stretch the elastic out. You will notice that as it comes out of the other side of the machine and the elastic un-stretches it will gather the fabric for you.

* Your finished skirt portions will look something like this:

*Now all you have to do is turn the onsie inside out and sew the skirt part to the onsie part.

*As you sew be sure and stretch the elastic out a little.*Turn the dress right side out and you are done!

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