Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Apron from a Curtain

Have you priced aprons lately? No? Huh...just me then. Well, let me tell you they are EXPENSIVE!! When did a simple piece of cloth used to protect your clothes while you bake and cook become something cool (ie: expensive) to have?! I mean I have seen aprons going for $60!! What?!? Well, I wanted a red apron to match my kitchen but there was no way I was going to pay $60 or even $20 for one. So I started thinking of how I could make one. Couldn't be that hard, right? I found this old curtain that I used to have hanging in the kitchen at my old house. I love this curtain but it is way too small for my kitchen window now. Good thing I kept it because I was able to turn it and some ribbon scraps into a pretty neat apron.

Now here is the REALLY technical part. I hope you can follow! I held the curtain up to me to kind of see where I wanted the tie and neckline to fall and then I cut it. Whew! Did you make it through that part? I also made a pocket with some ribbon on it, but in the end I decided to go another direction and didn't use it. Oh well, maybe next time. So here is what my cut out apron looked like. My youngest son, Sawyer, was being a BIG helper :)

Now all I did was sew up all the rough edges. The bottom of the curtain is the bottom of the apron and it already has some cute, red, ric-rac on it so that saved me some time. I sewed a couple little pleats in it as well and I ended up liking how that looked better than adding the pocket. I then cut 2 pieces if ribbon for the ties and sewed them on. I draped some ribbon around my neck to see what length I would need the part that goes around my neck to be and then sewed it on. Really it was just that easy! I am pretty happy with how it turned it. I love that it matches my kitchen. And I REALLY love that I didn't spend $60 on it!