Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Blueberry Muffins

Last night Jason asked me if I had a good recipe for blueberry muffins because he thought they sounded good! I told him I didn't, but I could find one! So, I searched the net and got some ideas and kind of smushed together several recipes and used what I had. Here is what I came up with:

*Preheat your oven to 400 and grease some muffin tins

*In a large bowl dump: 1 1/2 c flour, 3/4 c sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, and 2 tsp baking powder
* In a 1 c measuring cup add 1/3 c oil and 1 egg
*Fill up the measuring cup just past the 1c mark with buttermilk and mix
*Mix this into your dry ingredients just until blended

*Add 1 c blueberries. I used some of my freeze dried ones that I ordered from Just Tomatoes (you TOTALLY need to check out that website! Their stuff is yummy! )

* Spoon batter into muffin tins about 3/4 full

*To make your topping mix 1/2 c sugar, 1/3 c flour, 1/4 c butter, and 2 tsp cinnamon together in a small bowl. Then place a small amount of topping on each muffin

*Bake muffins for about 18-20 minutes and let cool before eating because that topping is very hot! These are super good with milk and super duper good with coffee :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Banana Oat Muffins

I made these for breakfast last week and they were GONE, all 12 of them, in about 25 minutes! Of course, there were 7 of us eating them but still. They are very good and they really stick with you until lunch time because of the oats. Here is what you will need:

*Pre heat ove to 350
*In a large bowl combine 1 heaping cup of quick oats, 1 cup flour, 1 tbsp each baking soda and baking powder, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, and 1/2 tsp salt.

*In a mixer, cream together 1/2 cup soft butter and 1 cup sugar.

*Add 2 eggs and mix thoroughly after each one.

*Add in 1 tsp vanilla, 1 cup mashed banana (I think I actually used a little more...didn't really measure!), and 1/2 cup sour cream.

*Here is what your wet and dry ingredients should look like:

*Pour your wet ingredients into the big bowl containing your dry ingredients. I like to mix muffins batter by hand so that it doesn't get over worked. The less you mix it the better! So mix it until it is just combined.
*Fill greased muffin tins about 3/4 of the way full and set aside.

*To make the topping combine 1/3 cup oats, 4 tbsp brown sugar, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and 2 tbsp cold butter. I kind of just mixed it with my hands! Here is what it looks like:

*Top each muffin with some of the topping until you have used it all.

*Bake muffins for 22 minutes

Friday, April 9, 2010

Enchiladas with Spinach, Beef, and Corn

I was looking through recipes online and I found one for enchiladas that sounded good but I thought I could make it even better! So, this is what I came up with! This is seriously one of the best things I have ever made! Everyone ate it and wanted seconds! Yes, my husband and kids ate spinach! Here is what you need:

*Preheat your oven to 350

*Start by browning 1 lb of lean ground beef

*Add in 1 package of frozen spinach and a package of frozen corn

*Cook over medium heat and stir until veggies are heated through

*Add in 1 small can of diced green chilies and a small container of sour cream

*It will look like this:

*Fill a tortilla with a large spoonful of this combo and top with a little cheese

*Roll up and put in a pan
*Continue to do this until you pan is full (this makes A LOT! which is great for my big family but if you have a "regular" size family you will have enough for at least 2 meals! so, have your freezer ready!)

*Pour a can of mild enchilada sauce over everything and top with more cheese

*Bake for about 25 minutes

(mmmm....look at that cheesy goodness!)

And that's it! Really easy, really yummy, and it tastes WAY better than anything you could buy! Homemade is ALWAYS better :)