Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bow Holder

Now that Elliot is starting to get more hair, she is starting to get more bows! I looked on the internet to try and find something to keep them all on so they would not get lost. What I found were some really expensive, although really cute, little bow holders. I saw these ranging from about $30-$40! I figured I could do something similar for much less. I spent a grand total of $5 making this. Here is what you will need:

First cut some ribbon. I didn't really measure. Just make sure it will be long enough to fit all the bows on! Use some fabric glue to attach it on to the back of your wooden letter and let it dry.

When the glue is dry, paint your letter however you want. I painted blue and green dots with Q-tips to match the blue and green ribbon I used.

When it is all dry, hang it up, and attach your bows! Elliot has more bows coming in the mail this week so I may need to squeeze these in a little.


  1. Hi, I'm your new follower from MBC. Cute blog. My daughters bows would never make there. I'm lucky if I can even find most of them. They usually come out of her hair before she gets back from school. lol
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  2. Too funny! I am sure I will have that problem too as my daughter gets older. She is not quite 2 :)

  3. cute newest follower from mbc

  4. My little monkey got one of these for her bday. We love it. I hope you reach 50 and beyond!! Follower #44 here : )

  5. What a great project. So cute! Following from MBC. Please visit me at

  6. I love this! I'm going to try it, my daughter is always loosing her bows and now she could put them in one place by herself. Thanks. I'm happy to follow you, I'm from MBC. What a fun blog! If you want to visit I'm at