Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Pie with Homemade Crust

There is absolutely nothing better than apple pie made from fresh apples from the orchard! Even better is a homemade crust. We went to the pumpkin patch with the kids today and I knew I wanted to get some apples for a pie. I got Fuji apples because they are my favorite and I used my grandma's pie crust recipe, it turned out super yummy! Here is what you will need for the crust:

*In a large bowl combine 4 cups flour, 1 tbsp sugar, and 1 1/2 tsp salt. (I put in just a little extra sugar because I like a sweeter crust.)

*Cut in 1 1/2 cups butter flavored shortening with a fork.

*In a measuring cup, measure out 1/2 cup cold water. Add to it 1 egg and 1 tbsp vinegar. Mix together and pour into dry mixture.
*Mix wet and dry ingredients with your hands and form into a ball.

*Go ahead a preheat the over to 475 and grease a pie pan.

* Here is what you will need for the filling:

*Peel, core, and slice about 8 cups of apples. Cover in 2tbsp (more or less) of lemon juice.

*In a small bowl combine 1 cup sugar, 1/4 tsp sugar, 1/8 tsp salt, and 2 tbsp flour.
*Add to the apples and mix well.
*Split your pie dough in half.

*Roll out half of the dough and line the pie pan with it.

*Pour in apple mixture.

*Roll out the other half of the dough and place on top of apples.

*Seal edges and cut vents in top of crust.

*Sprinkle top of dough with sugar so it will be nice and crispy when it is done.

*Turn oven down to 450 and out pie in for 15 minutes (Make sure you put your pie on a cookie sheet in case any filling leaks out while baking.)

*Turn down to 375 and bake for 60-75 minutes

*Let cool and enjoy!
*So good! Totally worth the time and effort!


  1. Oh, that looks to die for. Too bad I am starting a diet on Saturday. Maybe I can make an exception for Christmas. Plus, Apple is my daughters favorite. I could make it for her! That's it, its for her!